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Flex UI’s settings gives you the ability to get a grip on how the total program heaps, in addition to the behaviour of person Flex elements. Flex Elements could be altered in 2 manners: Through componentProps from the Configuration Item through the defaultProps API

Modifying Configuration to get

The Configuration item step by step below isn’t readily reachable when working with But, most the exact values might be put as ui_attributes with Flex’s Configuration relaxation API. If POST-ing setup values into ui_attributes, the complete JSON thing has to be given. This Means That You ought to:

GET the Existent configuration

Alter the JSON into add/update/remove your desirable Qualities Publish the end result Because the brand new setup Ui_attributes is filled for self-hosted deployments of all Flex. Any contradictory houses provided within a appConfig configuration thing are awarded precedence if Flex loads.

Configuration Item

From the setup thing, you also can specify the default option components of one’s Flex elements. You may even configure qualities which aren’t connected into special parts. Some settings options are all just readily available by way of the setup thing. Beneath is the set of most available configuration choices.

The brand URL exhibited inside the key upper header.

The URL for your own log in watch picture (automagically option the Twilio emblem ). This call-back evaluations when an activity is owned by the inactive spot (the top part until blockers ) from the duty checklist. ItemSize:”Modest’ |’Enormous’ |’LargeSelected’ The project listing thing dimensions. Legal values comprise:

Modest (default option ) – standard activity listing thing dimension

Enormous – all of activity record Things Are 88px larger High, permitting for habit information Beneath the default activity list thing material through TaskExtraInfo template LargeSelected – chosen Task List thing is revealed as Substantial others since Modest MainContainer Indicates perhaps the side-bar trailer board ought to really be always observable. Default is currently fictitious , that suggests that the trailer just following the entire program is vast adequate. If put to fictitious , NotificationBar alarms wont have displayed. Read about Notifications around the Notifications Frame-work Web Page.

Displays a in coming telephone pub for opinions separate from Agent UI.

Task List CompareFunction: (task1: Undertaking, task2: Undertaking ) => amount Call-back to restrain the way that tasks ought to really be sorted at the duty checklist area code 916. A negative amount suggests task1 needs to really be previously mentioned task2. A certain variety that task1 needs to really be under task2. 0 signifies equivalent concern. After set to false, will absolutely eliminate the most suitable side region of this Agent look at, at which commonly CRM resides, for example, splitter controller dividing left and right side locations. Exhibits the Ytica Opinions widget at the primary Agent Desktop Look at.

SplitterOptions: thing

Enables entry of those default option values to its key flat splitter from Agent Desktop perspective (divides the abandoned perspective from your CRM spot into the proper ). Values can be both pixels or percent worth. AgentDesktopView.Panel1 SplitterOrientation:”car’ |’vertical’ |’flat’ (Default: automobile ) Determines if the orientation of all these material is going to soon be vertical, flat , or automobile (computerized ) dependent on this content dimensions.

The respond part to produce once the set of representatives remains vacant.

InitialCompareFunction: (worker1: IWorker, worker2: IWorker) => variety Call-back to restrain the way that agents ought to be piled up from the broker checklist. A negative amount suggests worker1 needs to really be previously mentioned worker2. A certain variety that worker1 needs to really be under woker2. 0 signifies equivalent concern.

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